Status Update For Whomever

In case anybody looks at this to see what I’m up to here’s a quick run down on what’s going on with the Squirrely guy.

First and foremost none of my “projects” have been abandoned.  At worst they’re on hiatus.

A Dance of Poison and Curses is on hiatus for an extended time, I want to finish up other things before I refocus on the final major adventure of Liliana and Taryn.

The Cracked Earth volume 2 has ended:

As such Volume 3 won’t happen for at least a few months.  Volume 4 probably won’t happen and instead be merged into 3.

Grave of the Goddess is currently the one I’m focused on.  I’m going to finish that Volume and then progress on to a different project.

For those who don’t know about Grave:

Reality Crash is the one I’ll finish up next. I’m aiming to finish off Volume 1 of that with around 12 chapters.  Again, for those who don’t know about it:

Bounty Hunting For Satan which is a supernatural story about people dying and being used by Lucifer and Michael to deal with problems they’re too busy to handle is currently on extended hiatus.  I’m planning to change Chapter 1, adjust the title and then finish the entire work and release it on Smashwords.  I want to see how good their system is versus the amazon system.

And of course the elusive Boredom of the Gods remains on hiatus as I struggle to work out the second book.  When I finish that I’ll be putting it on Amazon and promoting it.

There are other stories I want to tell, but for now I’m trying to deal with what I already have.  Spoiler though, Dance will end with Volume 3, Cracked Earth with Volume 3, Grave of the Goddess with volume 3, Reality Crash with volume 2, Bounty Hunting will be a stand alone single book with room for sequels and Boredom will actually be the longest lasting one with at least 5 books/volumes.